Founder, Dan Chase, is originally from, and currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife and family. He attended Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning, in Muncie, Indiana, where with a focus on sustainable design, alternative building methods, he received a master’s degree in architecture. During his time in school and working with a local carpenter deconstructing old homes Dan fell in love with the immense potential hidden beneath the decay of the old dilapidated structures they were taking down. While tinkering with and trying to find new uses for these materials he discovered a passion for furniture-making. With this passion for design and working with these materials, re.dwell was born.



Tom Chase not only shares a name with Dan, he also happens to be his Uncle. Tom joined re.dwell in 2016 with a passion for woodworking and brought years of knowledge from manufacturing, warehousing, and sales. 



Mark has been helping out at re.dwell almost from the beginning, always answering the call when an extra set of hands were needed. He officially joined the re.dwell team full-time in 2018. Mark has a passion for making, woodworking, and always has a creative solution. He brings a diverse skill set from a background in millwork production, retail, and facilities management.



Mitch has been helping out at re.dwell since the spring of 2019. He graduated from Lake Forest College in 2016 with degrees in Sociology & Anthropology and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. His unique history of travel and exploration has formed an interest in environmental sustainability. Mitch has also developed a passion for many practices in the creative realm. He brings a diverse skill set from a background in photography, marketing, event management and operations.

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