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re.dwell was founded in 2013, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the basement of an architecture studio where founder Dan Chase also worked. ​Originally started as an outlet for design, working with his hands, and repurposing materials. re.dwell quickly outgrew the basement workshop and moved to its current home, a repurposed tool and die shop, that is constantly being reimagined as re.dwell continues to grow and evolve to meet the unique needs of re.dwell's diverse customer base.

​Today the re.dwell team combine their background in architecture and design, their love of woodworking, craftsmanship, and passion for using local and reclaimed materials to produce unique quality furniture and spaces for commercial and residential customers across the country.


It’s environmentally responsible.

Every piece of furniture created from reclaimed wood reduces the need for trees to be cut down and diverts materials from landfills or from deteriorating in place until they cannot be used. We strive to build each piece to last longer than the buildings they came from. Most of our designs are easily broken down into components so they can be relocated, reused, refinished, or recycled to live on.

The rich history.

Whether the materials were salvaged from an 18th-century carriage house, a now silent factory, a tired barn, or an abandoned home built in the 1920’s, every piece of wood has a story that lives on in our furniture. Its story is told in rich patina, with nail holes and saw marks, and the many rings revealing its true age. It's your job to add to the story.

The Quality.

These reclaimed materials are our original native forests that matured over centuries to be felled by early settlers and loggers. These forests are now mostly gone, cleared for our farm fields and to build our cities. The richness and character of this wood is hard to match in new lumber that is available today.

Our Process

Let's have a conversation.

This can be over coffee, at your home or office, in our studio, or through email and over the phone. We listen to your needs, tastes, and how each piece will be used. You might send examples of styles, colors, or napkin sketches of your ideas.


From here a set of three dimensional drawings of your unique project or space are developed. Any necessary changes are made until you see exactly what you want.

Processing the materials.

We remove any nails or other metal that may damage machinery. It is then kiln dried to bring the moisture content down to a level suitable for making furniture. This process also kills any bugs.


Once the lumber arrives from the kiln it is planed to thickness, straightened, and cut to size. Using the same drawings we developed earlier, your piece gets meticulously crafted and assembled.


While we wish we could send everyone their furniture as fast as those big box stores, these things take time. Our process can take up to 12 weeks from design approval to delivery. So be patient, it will be worth it.


When we can, we personally deliver and install your project. If not, we can ship it directly to you, or we work with local white glove delivery/ assembly crews all over the country who can deliver and assemble your furniture. 

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