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re.dwell Receives Green Ribbon Award from Sustainable Furnishings Council

Sustainability at the Very Core

When it comes to sustainability, it isn’t just a buzzword re.dwell tosses around because it’s fashionable or popular. Sustainability is at the very core of what our business was founded on. Each piece is not only crafted with the highest-quality design for your home or office, but is built to last longer than the buildings it came from and be easily broken down into components that can be relocated, reused, refinished, or recycled. It’s with this that we’re incredibly proud to announce that re.dwell has received a Green Ribbon Award from the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC)!

Who is the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC)?

The SFC is a coalition of manufacturers, retailers and designers who are dedicated to raising awareness and expanding the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices in our industry. Their mission is to help companies reduce environmental footprint and help consumers find healthier products and design services. They also work to increase interest in environmentally safe furnishings and promote the development of more sustainable options.

re.dwell has been an SFC member since 2018, joining because of their dedication to educating consumers, designers, and the industry as a whole on the aspects of sustainability and how our choices in the materials we use on the products we create have a huge impact on the environment.

The Green Ribbon Award

The Green Ribbon Award was awarded to our Universal Reclaimed Wood Table. This is one of our flagship pieces crafted with mixed species reclaimed hardwood top and welded steel base. It can be fully disassembled for easy shipping or moving. Being composed of just steel and wood, it is also easy to modify, repurpose, or recycle when the piece is no longer needed.

The SFC’s 2021 edition of the Green Ribbon Awards Look Book included 26 home furnishings products from SFC Manufacturer Member Companies and were chosen by the SFC Ambassadors and fellow members. Our Universal Reclaimed Wood Multipurpose Table was selected by designer and fellow SFC Member, Robin Wilson and awarded a “Green Ribbon'' based on design, ingenuity, and true sustainability.

Our Commitment

Thank you to Robin Wilson and the SFC for recognizing re.dwell’s commitment to the responsible use of forest resources and our passion for design. Our goal is to continue to help set a positive example for our peers and to do our part to protect the world’s forests.

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