full-service design company

re.dwell is a full service design build workshop for custom furniture and spaces. We serve both residential and commercial clients, providing unique solutions to homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, bars, and more. We use almost exclusively reclaimed wood in our pieces. (You can read why below.) While re.dwell's focus is on design and furniture making, we partner with other local small workshops to be able to design and deliver whatever your needs may be. Anything from metal working, to cabinets, to signage. Our design process along with these partnerships allow us to provide a cohesive aesthetic that flows throughout the design whether that is one table or an entire home, office, store, or restaurant.

reclaimed wood furniture

Why Reclaimed Wood?

It’s environmentally responsible.

Every piece of furniture created from reclaimed wood reduces the need for trees to be cut down, diverts materials from ending up in landfills, and from deteriorating in place until they cannot be used. We strive to build each piece to last longer than the buildings they came from. Most of our designs are easily broken down into components so they can be relocated, reused, refinished, or recycled to live on.

The rich history.

Whether the materials were salvaged from an 18th-century carriage house, a now silent factory, a tired barn, or an abandoned home built in the 1920’s, every piece of wood has a story that lives on in our furniture. It’s story is told in rich patina, with each nail hole and saw mark, and the many rings revealing its true age.

(Something to ponder...if a piece of wood harvested from a barn built in the 1800's has over 100 rings and was cut from the center of a much larger tree, that wood could be 300 or 400 years old!)

The Quality.

These reclaimed materials are our original native forests that matured over centuries to be felled by early settlers and loggers. These forests are now mostly gone, cleared for our farm fields and to build our cities. The richness and character of this wood is impossible to match in new lumber that is available today.

our design process


Each piece is designed and built to meet each client's needs, whether you are a homeowner looking for a unique dining table, a corporate office looking for a statement piece, or the small business owner wanting to set your space apart, re.dwell can a design and build a creative solution for you.

The design process starts with a conversation. This can be in person over coffee, at your home or office, in our studio, or through email and over the phone. We listen to your needs, tastes, and how each piece will be used. You might send examples of styles, colors, or napkin sketches of your ideas.

From here a set of three dimensional drawings of your unique piece or space will be developed. Any necessary changes are made until you see exactly what you want.

Each piece of lumber comes from a structure that was meticulously deconstructed, usually by hand. This ensures the materials are not broken or damaged and can be reused.

The wood is then processed to remove any nails or other metal that may damage machinery.

It is then kiln dried to bring the moisture content down to a level suitable for making furniture. This process also kills any bugs.

Once the lumber arrives from the kiln it is cut to be straightened. (One hundred years of holding up a barn doesn't always leave a board straight.) It is then planed and/or sanded to the right size and finish for the furniture it will become. 

While we wish we could send everyone their furniture as fast as those big stores, these things take time. Our process typically takes 6-8 weeks from design approval to delivery. So be patient, it will be worth it.